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Enhanced Connectivity

The Breeze Touch Monitor for POS offers both Serial and USB ports, enabling a dual interface. This ensures that you are able to accommodate both settings with printers, MSRs, and other POS peripherals.

Versatile Display Options

Space restrictions are not a problem, as the Breeze Touch Monitor for POS applications is available with two different touchscreen sizes, 15” or 17.” This will allow you to optimize your space accordingly as you select the monitor size that is the most ideal for your environment.

Resilient Rear Display

The rear display screen is also available in several different sizes, 8”, 12”, 15”LCD or 2”x 20” VFD. A rear display will help you boost sales through the attractive digital advertisement of promotions and offers you have currently running.

Ergonomic, Attractive Design

The Breeze Touch Monitor for POS is ergonomically designed as it has no messy wires or external cords. This will lend your environment a polished aesthetic, also ensuring no accidents happen with employees or customers who could potentially trip over exposed wires or cables or accidentally unplug the monitor.


The Breeze Touch Monitor, Responsive Touchscreen, Serial and USB Touch Interface

The Breeze Touch Monitor for POS is available with both Serial and USB ports, allowing a dual interface. The Breeze Touch Monitor for POS optimizes your space as it has an external power supply hidden in its base. This base also provides excellent cable management, ensuring that you do not have any unsightly wires or cables that customers or staff could potentially trip on. Additionally, don’t miss out on boosting your sales with a rear display. The Breeze Touch Monitor for POS applications is also compatible with the Universal Printer Base offering even more versatility.

For more information about the Breeze Touch Monitor, download the spec sheet.


  • Serial and USB touch interface
  • External power supply, hidden in base
  • Excellent cable management
  • MSR and rear customer display options
Download Spec Sheet