Touch Dynamic understands operators’ bar POS and nightclub POS needs

Bar POS and nightclub POS hardware that take performance to new levels while saving you money

At Touch Dynamic, we understand the nightclub and bar industry. Your business thrives on your ability to offer top-notch customer service while supporting a high level of operating efficiency. You need to keep costs down by maintaining a tight rein on inventory and minimizing shrinkage, as well as by selecting equipment that isn’t easily damaged and doesn’t require frequent replacement. We also know how essential it is for bar and nightclub operators to comply with regulations that govern the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Our understanding of the industry shows in the design of our bar POS and nightclub POS options, from our ruggedized tablets and all-in-one POS terminals to our variety of peripherals.

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Enhance Performance, Reduce Costs

Durable tablets and all-in-one POS terminals with a wide variety of peripheral options heighten productivity and bolster your bottom line

Touch Dynamic’s tablet POS devices and all-in-one terminals are all a perfect match for bar POS and nightclub POS applications. Our ruggedized tablets are designed to resist damage from exposure to spilled beverages and falls to the floor, minimizing the need for repairs and extending device lifecycle. In addition, tablet POS makes it easier to serve more patrons in less time, increasing customer satisfaction and the potential to attract repeat business. The touchscreen component of Touch Dynamic’s all-in-one POS offering yields quick access to your bar POS or nightclub POS software, so you can set controls that prevent waste and shrink.

Quest Tablet

Ruggedized, customizable hardware solutions for every type of bar and nightclub

Touch Dynamic’s bar POS and nightclub POS hardware offer maximum functionality, while resisting the rigors of heavy use

  • Upscale bars
  • Sports bars
  • Taverns
  • Nightclubs

Bar POS and Nightclub POS Features that Improve Performance, Customer Experience

Every critical component needed to make the most of your bar POS or nightclub POS hardware investment


When tablet POS is a part of your bar POS or nightclub POS toolbox, servers can take orders and transmit them to bartenders from anywhere in your facility — speeding drink service.

Multiple Payment Options

The ability to accept multiple payment types is a must in today’s competitive nightclub and bar industry— and Touch Dynamic’s all-in-one POS hardware delivers. These terminals give you the capability to process EMV card payments, as well as near field communication (NFC) contactless payments and payments made with mobile wallets.

Age Verification

Bar and nightclub operators can face stiff penalties — and possibly lose their businesses entirely — as a result of serving alcoholic beverages to patrons who are underage. With Touch Dynamic’s all-in-one POS system, a barcode reader and age verification software allows you to check customers’ ages before filling their orders.


Touch Dynamic’s POS offerings for the nightclub and bar industry are scalable, and can be upgraded to satisfy changing requirements as your operation expands. Our hardware is also field-serviceable, allowing problems to be rectified quickly and minimizing or eliminating disruptions to everyday operation.

Breeze All-In-One

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