How to process a Level 10 Warranty: Touch Dynamic Warranty Upgrade
Service Program Basics
Revised 12/01/10

  1. Reseller has to purchase the Warranty Upgrade from Touch Dynamic.
  2. Touch Dynamic forwards to Level 10:
  • Completed registration form
  • Purchase order
  • Original invoice to Reseller
  1. Reseller can also complete registration form and forward to Touch Dynamic.
  2. Touch Dynamic sends the service agreement to the Reseller
  3. Level 10 will set up the reseller and the installed site on it’s web portal and sends reseller web training kit
  4. All End-User phone calls in regards to service, replacement of Touch Dynamic hardware have to be handled by the Reseller
  5. Reseller uses Level 10’s web portal to request hardware replacement and on-site service. Go to
  6. Reseller is responsible for the no trouble found or non-warranty service events, and will be billed as stated by the service agreement.

For more detail information, please review the document : Touch Dynamic Warranty Upgrade Service Process for Touch Dynamic Sales Reps and Resellers.