Touch Dynamic knows retail and retailers’ POS needs

Retail POS hardware that suits your store's requirements — today and tomorrow

At Touch Dynamic, we understand the retail industry. We recognize that retailers need retail POS solutions that satisfy multiple needs, from assisting and taking payments from more customers in less time to offering the type of shopping experience that brings customers back to the store time and time again. We acknowledge that the hardware features that work for one retail segment aren’t necessarily a good fit for others. We see the importance of investing only in a retail POS system that’s flexible enough to grow and evolve as your business does.  We consider these factors in our equipment design and manufacturing — and it shows in our assortment of durable, customizable retail POS hardware, including all-in-one POS terminals, tablet POS devices, touchscreens, and kiosks.

How a Retail Point of Sale Increases Revenue

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Increase productivity, decrease costs

Allowing retailers to work smarter and save money in every area of their business

Touch Dynamics’ retail POS hardware puts maximum functionality at your fingertips, making employees more productive and reducing operational costs. For example, by melding touchscreen-based POS with card readers and other peripherals, our all-in-one units make customer checkout a faster, less labor-intensive, less error-prone process. Tablet POS devices open doors for remote payment processing and afford employees access to inventory information they can share with customers, bolstering the potential to ring up sales. Kiosks allow customers to serve themselves, keeping them happy and labor expenditures in check.

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razor all in one

Ruggedized, customizable hardware solutions for every retail segment

Durable retail POS equipment to meet vertical-specific needs

  • Grocery
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Hardware
  • Sporting goods
  • C Stores
  • Boutiques

Crucial retail POS functionality improves performance and the customer experience

Every key element for enhancing operating efficiencies and cultivating repeat business


Tablet POS hardware allows you to accept payments anywhere in the store, increasing customer throughput and employee productivity while minimizing the potential for frustrated customers abandoning their intended purchases. Furthermore, an optional 3G module on Touch Dynamic’s tablet POS hardware allows you to line bust even outside the store, making lines that may be out the store door manageable during peak times.

Multiple payment options

Touch Dynamic’s tablet POS and all-in-one retail POS offerings integrate near field communications (NFC) capability and are compliant with the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) chip card standards.


Your retail POS system must grow with your business, and Touch Dynamic retail POS hardware fits the bill. It is scalable and upgradeable, with new components easily added to satisfy changing needs and accommodate the opening of new stores.

Self-service applications

Touch Dynamic’s self-service kiosk hardware streamlines operations, reduces labor costs, and takes customer satisfaction to new heights. Self-service kiosks also improve efficiencies, decrease labor expenditures, and foster customer satisfaction when used to help customers quickly locate merchandise in-store access product information, and arrange delivery of out-of-stock items.

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