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Touch Dynamic Understands What Healthcare Facilities Need from Touchscreen Systems

Medical computer solutions that help healthcare professionals save time best spent with patients

At Touch Dynamic we understand the healthcare industry. Healthcare workers need to spend their time providing the highest quality of patient care, not on complicated data entry processes or technology solutions that are unreliable or awkward to use. That’s why our time-saving and easy-to-use medical computer solutions are an asset to hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers. Touch Dynamic has solutions well-suited for healthcare facilities, whether you use them at nursing stations, in primary care offices, or for administrative tasks such as inventory control or labor management. Touch Dynamic solutions are rugged enough to withstand use in healthcare facilities where exposure to harsh cleaner and liquids are common, but they also have a polished, modern appearance that complements professional healthcare facilities.

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Increase Productivity, Decrease Cost

Easy-to-use solutions help healthcare facilities operate efficiently

Touch Dynamic healthcare industry hardware is designed to increase worker productivity and to reduce operational costs. Intuitive touchscreens are quicker and easier to use than keying in information, they help reduce errors, and help you train new employees faster. Touch Dynamic’s all-in-one touchscreen solutions pack all of the power and functionality of a complete computer system into a space-saving design — perfect for areas with limited counter space. In addition, our tablets give your facility the freedom of mobility, either handheld or attached to mobile carts, allowing your staff to track patient care and outcomes without leaving the patient’s side.

Ruggedized, Customizable Hardware Solutions for Any Healthcare Provider

Durable computer equipment to meet the needs of healthcare organizations throughout the healthcare industry

  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Hospital
  • Assisted living
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies


Crucial Healthcare Technology for Improving Performance and Patient Care

Add automation and functionality to common tasks performed in a wide range of applications

Data Entry

Tablet/mobile solutions enable nursing home staffs to track patients’ medical care, prescriptions, and dietary restrictions using a mobile device when tending to the patient rather than waiting to enter data at a nurses’ station. Nursing home staffs can also monitor attendance with mobile devices, using them to keep track of patients who have left the facility with family members or for appointments, recording the time of departure and return.

Quality Control/Inventory

Touch Dynamic’s all-in-one terminals, which ensure precise inventory and quality control, are perfect for pharmacies, and enable them to keep accurate records and to access real-time reporting. Tablet Mobile Solutions also allow for quick and true counts on inventory by utilizing scanner capabilities. Small pill bottles and medical equipment are easily scanned and stored in real time using a rugged, mobile Touch Dynamic tablet.

Labor Management

Touch Dynamic all-in-one terminals can be used as time clocks for healthcare facility workers, and can help managers track on-duty personnel, labor hours, and overtime. These solutions also can enable managers to schedule workers more accurately to ensure the facility is optimally staffed and patients receive the highest quality of care.

Patient Check-In

Touch Dynamic All-In-One Terminals can be used in Doctor’s offices and Hospital waiting areas for easy check in and out. Through a sleek Touch Dynamic terminal or kiosk, patients can alert medical staff they have arrived for a scheduled appointment. Touch Dynamic medical computers can also aid first come, first serve walk-in medical facilities.

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