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Toby Jensen
Phone: 503.860.8790
Email: tjensen@touchdynamic.com
Stephanie Rahija
Phone: 480-650-2723
Email: srahija@touchdynamic.com
*Gaming Market Manager, please contact Stephanie Rahija for all Gaming related inquiries
Jeff Tutt
Phone: 812.455.4948
Email: jtutt@touchdynamic.com
Fausto Paulino
Phone: 551-221-0935
Email: fpaulino@touchdynamic.com
Luis Acosta
Phone: 52(561)748-1703
Email: lacosta@touchdynamic.com
✪ Corporate Office
121 Corporate Blvd
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Phone: 888-508-6824
Joe Egan
Phone: 713.299.1999
Email: jegan@touchdynamic.com
Dave Graber
Phone: 908-327-3251
Email: dgraber@touchdynamic.com
Beth Fitzsimmons
Phone: 732-874-0107
Email: bethg@touchdynamic.com
Rob Cooper
Phone: 803-629-5393
Email: rcooper@touchdynamic.com
Mike Chen
International Sales Manager
Phone: 888-508-6824 x134
Email: mchen@touchdynamic.com