QK22 All-in-One Panel PC

Compatible with Either Windows and Android Operating Systems

The QK22 is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. No matter how you like to do business or which OS interface is more familiar to you and your staff, the QK22 delivers.

Sealed Bezel on Android Version

A sealed bezel on the QK22 Panel PC for Android prevents dust and particles from entering the system. Perfect for retail and restaurant environments where dust and dirt are common occurrences of every day operations. A sealed bezel keeps internal components protected and guarantees a healthy return on investment.

Signature Sleek Next Generation Design

Point of sale hardware should be both functional and attractive. The QK22 carries on Touch Dynamic’s sleek signature design. Powerful processing power and a beautiful form factor set this rugged panel pc apart from the competition.

21.5” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

A wide, Projected Capacitive touch screen makes this POS computer perfect for a wide variety of applications, including self-service, digital signage, and more. Projected Capacitive technology ensures data entry accuracy.

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The QK22 Panel PC Offers Our Signature, Sleek Design and Durability

The QK22, available with either Windows or Android operating systems, is a 21.5” display powerhouse of a panel PC. The wide LED LCD Projected Capacitive display offers enhanced durability, accurate data entry, and versatile use. The Android version is equipped with a sealed bezel, providing internal components for even more durability and protection from dust and other particles. The Windows model is available with Intel® i3-7100U e.4Ghz Kabylake or Intel® i5-6300U 3.0GHz Skylake processor. The Android model is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, up to 1.8Ghz processor.

For more information about the QK22 Panel PC, download the spec sheet.


  • Sleek, slim design
  • Optional webcam
  • 21.5” Projected Capacitive touch screen
  • Wall mountable
  • Multiple base and peripheral options
Download Spec Sheet