Touch Dynamic – Minimum Advertised Price Policy

The Touch Dynamic – Minimum Advertised Price Policy is designed to set a standard retail price (MSRP) for all products and parts advertised and sold by authorized resellers. This standard will set a consistent value for the Touch Dynamic brand should authorized resellers wish to advertise prices for any Touch Dynamic products. This policy requires any advertisement, whether in printed material, electronic format, web pages or other is restricted to retail price (MSRP) only.

This policy does not limit in any way what price products may actually be sold at. Resellers may sell products and services at their discretion. However, the reseller must provide a secure portal to which pricing confidentiality is maintained or provide a “Call for Price” service to communicate pricing that does not conform to the Touch Dynamic MSRP.

Note: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is released with the current Touch Dynamic Reseller Price List. Prices are subject to change without notice and are listed in $US dollars.