Cash Drawers for Any Application

Whether you need a standard-sized CDR for traditional POS or a smaller CDR for tablet POS, we offer four different cash drawer sizes. These sizes will fit most POS countertops as well as their under counter requirements. The models we have available are:

  • 1915- 18” W x 15.2” D x 4.3” H with metal bill weights, stainless steel finish, 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
  • 2000- 18”W x 18.25” D x 4.3” H with plastic bill weights, locking lid/till cover , 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
  • 3000- 16.1” W x 16.3” D x 4.48” H with metal bill weights, available in white or black finishes, 8 Coin/5 Bill (US)

Promotes Cashier Accountability

The dual drawer configuration promotes greater individual accountability. This means that there is no till sharing, so managers will always know which drawers belong to which cashiers, eliminating confusion or discrepancies regarding who was responsible for which cash drawer last (1915 & 3000 only).

Under Counter Mounting

Sometimes counter space is limited and you need to consider other options. For this reason, all of our cash drawers are able to be mounted beneath your counter. This can potentially save room for last minute impulse-buy items to be attractively displayed at your checkout counter.

Separate & Store Transaction Media

Our cash drawers’ dual media slots will allow you to separate and store various types of transaction media, ensuring your cashiers always have what they need at their fingertips to complete a transaction quickly and accurately.

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Cash Drawers Provide the Highest of Quality and Dependability

Touch Dynamic is pleased to offer cash drawers in four different models that are each POS-hardened to provide high quality and dependability. These drawers range from full-sized, best for use with a traditional industrial PC or all-in-one, or in smaller sizes for use with a ruggedized tablet POS system. Our cash drawers are competitively priced and include features such as the multifunction lock and drawer status reporting found only in tier one models. These drawers are compatible with any Touch Dynamic POS system.

For more information about Touch Dynamic’s cash drawers, download the spec sheet.


  • Four function lock: locked closed, locked open, online, manual open
  • Two media slots
  • Dual drawer splitter (1915 & 3000 only)
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Modular cable connection
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