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Supports Any Touch Dynamic All-In-One

The Kiosk MT partners with any of Touch Dynamic’s all-in-ones including the Acrobat, Breeze Performance, Breeze All-In-One, Breeze 185, and Pulse.

Designed for Self Service Applications

Kiosks are essential for improving customer service and experience no matter the industry. For this reason, the Kiosk MT is designed for multiple industries including cinema, quick service restaurants, retail, school cafeterias and college campuses.

Ergonomic Aesthetic

Ergonomically designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the Kiosk MT has internal speakers, eliminating the presence of unsightly wires. This also removes the possibility of staff or customers tripping over cords and causing damage to themselves or to the technology.

Busts Lines & Improve Customer Service

The Kiosk MT comes configured with a built-in tray for ticket processing and retrieval. This allows your customers to easily print receipts, tickets, or enter an order.


Kiosks Streamline Operations and Reduce Labor Costs

Self-service kiosk POS is proving its worth in a multitude of industries, enabling customers to purchase everything from movie tickets to a meal in one easy transaction. They provide customers with a quick, convenient alternative to standing in long lines.

High-volume cinemas, quick service restaurants, and other establishments can utilize Touch Dynamic’s Kiosk MT to streamline operations by reducing labor costs, improving customer satisfaction, and customizing configuration. Kiosk POS can replace a cashier, saving thousands of dollars each year. During peak times, they can provide the extra service necessary to keep business flowing. Customers enjoy the convenience and intuitiveness of self-service. Kiosk POS helps line bust and boost profits by moving more customers through the doors. Every business is different, and kiosk POS not only offers a secure and stable design for high-volume use, but also can be configured to meet each business’s unique operational needs.

For more information about the Kiosk MT, download the spec sheet.


  • Supports any Touch Dynamic all-in-one
  • Code optical scanner
  • Internal speakers
  • Epson Kiosk thermal ticket receipt printer
  • Dual Direction ID Tech Spectrum MSR
Download Spec Sheet