More RAM, More Speed

The Orion Ultra back office PC comes equipped with up to 32GB of RAM. First in its class, this PC is a superior alternative to your hard drive. With it, applications will save data at a much higher rate of speed.

Enhanced Productivity

The Kaby Lake Series up to an i7 processor gives this machine the ardor it needs to handle transactions and inventory updates in seconds. Increased performance means increased productivity and a greater return on investment.

Multiple Connectivity Options

The Orion Ultra’s multiple connectivity options ensure that it has the flexibility and versatility to connect with any hardware you have on site. This eliminates the requirement for bulky adaptors and reduces unsightly cord chaos.

Small Footprint

The new ergonomic design and size increases back office shelf space, leaving your work area as clutter free as possible.

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The Next Generation Orion Ultra is more speed and power packed into a smaller, more ergonomic design.

The Orion Ultra back office PC is equipped to handle point of sale applications more quickly and efficiently than any other Server Class PC on the market. CPU processor options available include the Intel Kaby Lake Series; Intel® Celeron G3930TE Dual Core, 2.7 GHz; Intel® Dual Core i3-710E, 3.4 GHz; Intel® Dual Core i5-7500T, 2.7 GHz; and the Intel® Quad Core i7-7700T, 2.9 GHz. Storage options include 2×2.5” STA HDD or SSD. With 9 USB ports, Display Port, VGA, HDMI, and DVI Support, the Orion Ultra provides multiple connectivity options. As so many of our products do, the Orion Ultra’s design with RAID support and Hot Swap, incorporates Touch Dynamic’s belief that key components should be quickly and easily replaceable.

For more information about the Orion Ultra back office PC, download the spec sheet.


  • Rich I/O Port Selection
  • RAID Support with Hot Swap (Behind Front Panel)
  • 9 USB Ports (Included Powered USB)
  • Display Port, VGA, HDMI, and DVI Support
  • Powered USB Hub Support
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