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More Connectivity Options

The EC150 touch monitor for POS applications offers both VGA and DVI input, offering you two different options for connecting your PC to the monitor. While VGA is analog and DVI is digital, it really just boils down to your preference as to which you have readily available or which you’d like to use for your business.

Engaging Rear Display

With the EC150 touch monitor for POS, you have the choice to mount it as a rear display with the Breeze Performance, Breeze, Breeze 185, Pulse and the Universal Printer Base. With the possibility for a rear display, you will be able to attractively advertise offers and promotions to the customer, potentially boosting sales.

Versatile Peripheral Connectivity

A dual interface is possible with the EC150’s Touch USB or Serial ports, ensuring that you are able to accommodate both settings with printers, MSR, and other peripherals.

Maximum Configurability

The EC150 Touchscreen Monitor for POS is available with several POS peripheral selections, including 3 Track USB MSR, 2×20 VFD rear customer display and integrated fingerprint reader. With all of these options available to you, you’ll be able to optimize your point of sale in a way that will improve productivity and increase sales.


The EC150 Touch Monitor, Reliable Dual Interface, Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

The EC150 is a reliable touch monitor with a sleek look. The EC150 boasts a dual Projected Capacitive touchscreen, allowing you to connect the monitor to your PC in a couple of different ways. The EC150 Touch Monitor also supports an integrated front facing 3 Track MSR and an integrated 2×20 rear customer display. This support is made possible with smart cable management. The EC150 Touch Monitor is high quality touch monitor that delivers a great value and return on investment to the customer.

For more information about the EC150 Touch Monitor, download the spec sheet.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dual input VGA or DVI
  • Touch interface – USB or Serial
  • 3 Track USB MSR (optional)
  • 2×20 Rear customer display (optional)
Download Spec Sheet