Benefits of rugged design and small footprint

4 Benefits of All-In-One POS Systems with Rugged Design and a Small Footprint

Increasingly, businesses in a variety of verticals have been replacing “pieces-and-parts” point of sale (POS) configurations with all-in-one systems that feature a small footprint and rugged design. This approach can result in a number of significant cost and operational benefits, such as: 1. Versatility. An all-in-one POS’ design incorporates peripherals, so it has a smaller…

IP Ratings

How to Decipher IP Ratings and Select the Right Device for Your Business Environment

A retail store, restaurant or storage facility is an accident waiting to happen for computers, mobile devices and other IT hardware. What looks like a fabulous restaurant or boutique is a hotbed of workplace hazards for electronics: liquids, steam, temperature fluctuations, dust or food particles and rough handling can all compromise your technology. Shopping for…

supply chain manager with collegue

How Rugged Mobile Technology Improves Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply chain efficiency has become a competitive differentiator for manufacturers and retailers as companies feel growing pressure to give consumers the merchandise they want, faster. Mobile technology, such as ruggedized tablets, has strong potential to make the supply chain more efficient from start to finish. On the Production Floor In manufacturing facilities, engineers and supervisors…

augmented reality in retail

A Look at the Future of Retail

What will the future of retail look like? Retailers need to keep this question in mind as they assess ways to attract new customers, keep existing ones, grow their businesses, and remain competitive. Here are five trends that provide insight into the future of the industry in 2017 and beyond to help you keep your…