Touch Dynamic Joins Forces with NCC and Sterling Payment Technologies to Provide Cost-Effective Solution as a Service Offer

Irvington, NJ –June 28, 2017– Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, and tablets, has partnered with NCC and Sterling Payments to provide a Solution as a Service option for Authorized NCC Resellers and their customers. Business owners who opt for the Solution as a Service model can “rent” Touch Dynamic…

Benefits of rugged design and small footprint

4 Benefits of All-In-One POS Systems with Rugged Design and a Small Footprint

Increasingly, businesses in a variety of verticals have been replacing “pieces-and-parts” point of sale (POS) configurations with all-in-one systems that feature a small footprint and rugged design. This approach can result in a number of significant cost and operational benefits, such as: 1. Versatility. An all-in-one POS’ design incorporates peripherals, so it has a smaller…

IP Ratings

How to Decipher IP Ratings and Select the Right Device for Your Business Environment

A retail store, restaurant or storage facility is an accident waiting to happen for computers, mobile devices and other IT hardware. What looks like a fabulous restaurant or boutique is a hotbed of workplace hazards for electronics: liquids, steam, temperature fluctuations, dust or food particles and rough handling can all compromise your technology. Shopping for…