Touch Dynamic Warehouse Workers

Business Growth and Future Outlook

Touch Dynamic’s Business Expansion Plan is Producing Growth Like every business, we are always looking toward the future, looking to grow in ways we could have only dreamt of 10+ years ago. Now we are proud to announce that even through a pandemic, supply chain issues, and labor shortages, our business has been able to…

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The Future of Self-Service Kiosk Restaurants

The Future of Restaurant Technology: Self-Service Kiosks As 2022 gets underway and economic recovery from the pandemic continues, restaurant owners are considering the best paths for the future of their businesses. When looking toward the future, one must also look back to the past to identify trends. One trend that was gaining traction even before…


Nurse Staffing Shortage Solutions

Reduce the Headache of Staffing Issues in Healthcare What’s Causing the Headache? The COVID-19 pandemic has put massive strains on healthcare systems, as hospitals and facilities are not only filled beyond capacity but also experiencing critical labor shortages. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), hospital employment has decreased by nearly 94,000 since February 2020,…

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Best Healthcare Tablets

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting the Best Healthcare Tablets A typical day in the life of a healthcare provider can involve a wide range of tasks. Their duties can include completing patient check-ins, processing reports or data entry, accessing patient information, refilling prescriptions, showing educational videos, and reviewing test results to patients. Whether…

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Current POS Trends: Myth vs. Fact

Myths vs. Facts About Current POS Trends in the Retail and Restaurant Industries The pandemic has caused or intensified many issues impacting businesses, including supply chain delays, staffing shortages, and health concerns. Throughout this time, several myths have emerged about point of sale (POS) technology in the retail and restaurant industries. Here are the facts…