Touch Dynamic News

Touch Dynamic Announces the DT-07 Rugged Tablet

Touch Dynamic Announces the DT-07 Rugged Tablet  Irvington, NJ – June 17, 2014 – Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer in All-in-One POS systems, small form factor PC’s, and POS peripherals, has recently launched the DT-07 Rugged Tablet.  This durable tablet is perfectly suited for the heavy traffic and usage that come with retail and restaurant environments.…

POS Spending Trends

The 5 Most Telling POS Spending Trends of 2014

To perform an accurate assessment of their budget allocations, it’s important for professionals in the restaurant industry to have a firm grasp on spending trends. Hospitality Technology’s 2014 Restaurant Technology Study recently released a study that examined restaurant spending by speaking to restaurant owners and managers across all restaurant segments. The good news? Point of…


4 Restaurant Management Tips You Can’t Go Without

When managing a restaurant, it’s important to remain profitable without compromising value, or vice versa. That is a common mistake made by restaurant operators. Successful restaurant management isn’t achieved in a day – managers must spend several weeks or months implementing optimization practices. Here are five ways restaurant operators can achieve management success over time:…


The Benefits of Offering Both Print and eReceipts

Electronic receipts, or eReceipts, are purchase confirmations sent to the customer’s email address. Retail giants like Apple, Macy’s and Old Navy offer them to their customers. The technology is gaining ground – the National Retail Federation estimates that digital receipts will be adopted and offered by 60 percent of retailers by 2016 – but some…