razor all-in-one

Touch Dynamic Introduces New, One-of-a-Kind, Ultra-Slim Razor All-in-One

South Plainfield, NJ—January 20, 2021—Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, kiosks, and mobile devices, is proud to announce the release of the new, one-of-a-kind, never-carried-before, Ultra-Slim Razor All-In-One. Touch Dynamic’s new all-in-one, The Razor, gets its name from its razor-thin widescreen display. The 15.6” slim-edge display features a fashionable rear…

modern concept of restaurant technology trends

2021 Restaurant Technology Trends

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the restaurant industry early last year, restaurants were forced to undergo a significant transformation. While turning to more creative strategies to combat lockdowns, limited capacity, dwindling inventory, and social distancing guidelines, technology became the backbone of restaurant operations. While restaurants utilized new technology to provide their consumers with safe and…

Retail Holiday Forecast

2020 Retail Holiday Forecast

It’s no secret the 2020 holiday season will look a little different for shoppers this year. Although pandemic recovery has increased overall sales recently, it’s critical to look within the industry and prepare in advance for your retail business. This year presented many retail business challenges, but looking ahead will provide support to keep doors…

how to clean your point of sale

Tips for Cleaning Your POS

If there is any positive change that COVID-19 has brought, it is an increased focus on safety. Consumers and business owners alike are more concerned than ever about reducing the spread of infectious diseases and are paying more attention to how these diseases are transmitted. Your POS is a critical component of your restaurant technology,…

trends in retail store traffic

4 Trends in Retail Store Traffic

The effects of COVID-19 can be felt industry-wide. Brick-and-mortar stores were already struggling prior to the pandemic. The virus has only sped up this shift. That being said, until online orders can be delivered instantly, there will always be a place for brick-and-mortar. Physical store locations won’t go away. They just need to adapt to…