data redundancy

Why Data Redundancy Is Important for POS Systems

For most people, the word “redundancy” has a negative connotation, evoking thoughts of monotonous and sometimes needless repetition. But for retailers and restaurant operators, redundancy is a good thing—at least, when it comes to data and POS systems. Exactly what is data redundancy? In a POS environment, data redundancy occurs when identical data is stored…

Windows tablet POS

Windows Tablet POS: Three Must Have “Add-ons”

Tablet POS—including Windows tablet POS systems—continues to make waves as increasing numbers of retailers deploy the technology to replace or supplement traditional POS hardware. However, getting the most from a Windows tablet POS configuration necessitates ensuring that you have three critical “add-ons,” including: Integrated magnetic stripe reader. Instead of functioning as a separate peripheral, an…

POS computer

How to Select a POS Computer

The POS computer is the heart of every retail operation, which is why you cannot be too careful when it comes to selecting one. Several factors merit consideration in evaluating different POS computer options. Let’s take a closer look at three such factors and why they are important: Frequency of component changes – Some PC vendors…

free POS

Free POS: Is It Really Free?

In the latest and possibly the most hotly debated retail industry trend, merchant service providers (MSPs) have begun to offer free or deeply discounted POS systems as an incentive for their customers to sign a long-term payment processing agreement. But just as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, “free” POS may not really…

all-in-one POS

All-in-One POS: Do Ergonomics Matter?

Every retailer and foodservice operator considers factors such as software and hardware capabilities when shopping for a new POS system. However, there’s an important angle that’s often overlooked, and that angle is ergonomics. Even if you’re buying one of the new, smaller all-in-one POS systems, ergonomics is a major consideration—especially for retail, restaurant, and food…

marijuana POS

Marijuana POS: Three Key ‘Must-Have’ Features

Efforts to legalize marijuana continue: California and Washington allow its purchase for recreational and non-recreational purposes, while the sale of medicinal cannabis by prescription is permissible in 23 states. With this trend has come an increase in the number of stores that sell marijuana in a brick-and-mortar environment. In order to maximize their potential, these…