Rugged tablet POS- Three reasons why

Ruggedized Tablet POS: What to Ask Before You Purchase

With its potential to enhance customer service and increase sales—as well as to yield a wealth of other benefits—mobile POS (mPOS) has become a popular option in the retail and hospitality space. To fully leverage its advantages, you’ll probably need ruggedized tablet POS devices—devices which, as the term “ruggedized” implies, are designed to continue operating…

4 Popular Touch Screen Computer Applications for Casinos

Touch Screen POS in Casinos

4 Popular Touch Screen Computer Applications for Casinos Walk into almost any retail or hospitality establishment these days, and you’re more than likely to see at least one touch screen computer in action. Casinos are no exception. In fact, there are multiple popular casino applications for which a touch screen computer is ideal. Let’s take…

data redundancy

Why Data Redundancy Is Important for POS Systems

For most people, the word “redundancy” has a negative connotation, evoking thoughts of monotonous and sometimes needless repetition. But for retailers and restaurant operators, redundancy is a good thing—at least, when it comes to data and POS systems. Exactly what is data redundancy? In a POS environment, data redundancy occurs when identical data is stored…

Windows tablet POS

Windows Tablet POS: Three Must Have “Add-ons”

Tablet POS—including Windows tablet POS systems—continues to make waves as increasing numbers of retailers deploy the technology to replace or supplement traditional POS hardware. However, getting the most from a Windows tablet POS configuration necessitates ensuring that you have three critical “add-ons,” including: Integrated magnetic stripe reader. Instead of functioning as a separate peripheral, an…

POS computer

How to Select a POS Computer

The POS computer is the heart of every retail operation, which is why you cannot be too careful when it comes to selecting one. Several factors merit consideration in evaluating different POS computer options. Let’s take a closer look at three such factors and why they are important: Frequency of component changes – Some PC vendors…