restaurant guest experience

3 Things That Make a Great and Safe Restaurant Guest Experience

Today’s COVID-19 climate is undoubtedly making business difficult for many restaurants. In the face of stringent business closures, restaurants are faced with the challenge of adapting their business models to stay in business and keep bringing in a profit, while they also deal with increased competition. Even with these measures, though, restaurants can still practice…

Disaster Recovery Tips

3 Disaster Relief Tips for Dealers

Every single business sector across the country and across the world has felt the disastrous effects of the novel COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus. The number of cases is rising by the day as an increasing number of travel bans and social distancing regulations are put in place. Small to medium-sized businesses and technology dealers…

tablet POS software

4 Benefits of Restaurant Tablet POS Software

Restaurant POS systems have evolved for several reasons: To better meet customer demand To streamline business operations even more effectively To withstand tough environments And to contribute to the overall aesthetic of a restaurant The outcome of this evolution? A rugged, sleek tablet POS solution equipped with powerful, cloud-based tablet POS software. A tablet POS…


How Kiosk Technology is Transforming Restaurants

Technology is revolutionizing the way restaurants do business, impacting how people dine, order, pay the bill and leave feedback. Potential customers looking for information about a restaurant go online to search for menus, coupons and even read reviews. Diners’ preferences for everything digital means that restaurant technology is constantly evolving to keep up, but you…

how to clean a touch screen computer

How to Properly Clean a Touch Screen

As touch screen terminals, kiosks, and tablets become increasingly frequent in the way retail stores and restaurants do business, and with COVID-19’s arrival in the United States, touch screens need to be frequently and thoroughly sanitized to reduce the risk of spreading infection. Here’s how to clean a touch screen computer: Required Supplies Lint-free or…