payroll retention regulation

The SMB Guide to Payroll Record Retention

As a retailer, you face variety of payroll challenges, like high employee turnover rates constantly changing your payroll and accurately tracking time for hourly or minimum wage employees. On top of those day-to-day tasks, however, you must also abide by federal, state, and local payroll record retention laws. According to the Internal Revenue Service, payroll…

ISO 9001:2015

Touch Dynamic Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

South Plainfield, NJ –June 12, 2018– Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, and mobile POS devices is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. ISO 9001 was created in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 9001:2015 is the most current version of ISO 9001, the international standard that specifies requirements…

retail operations

4 Ways to Improve Retail Operations

Profit maximization stems from two critical areas: increasing sales and decreasing costs. Sounds simple in theory, right? However, accomplishing these goals can be tough. Today’s fickle consumers have more options than ever for where to shop and how to buy, making them difficult to attract and tricky to keep. And costs for inventory, labor, and…


3 OS Migration Steps to Take to Prepare for Windows End of Life

Microsoft is ending support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld. Have you started planning for this major operating system (OS) migration? Windows end of life, or more accurately “end of support,” means those operating systems will no longer receive Windows security patches or software updates. This will leave devices vulnerable to viruses and malware,…

warehouse data security

3 Must-Know Facts about Data Warehouse Security

With the ever-growing amount of data available, many businesses are capitalizing on the valuable information contained within by building data warehouses to centralize information, analyze it, and use it to make critical business decisions. A data warehouse integrates data from disparate sources so they can be analyzed together to give more granular view of events…

tablets designed for industrial applications

3 Reasons to Choose Tablets Designed for Industrial Applications

More and more businesses are embracing the efficiencies of mobile devices in the workplace. Tablets have enabled streamlined communications, accurate tracking, asset management, and much more. Although you might be eager to apply the cost savings associated with tablets, the first step is selecting the ideal product. Finding a tablet that suits your business’s specific…

Pay at the table technology

The Restaurateur’s Guide to Implementing Pay-at-the-Table EMV Technology

There is no denying the benefits of EMV pay-at-the-table technology for the restaurant industry. Allowing patrons to pay at the table results in faster table turnover—which means an improved bottom line. Accepting EMV payments will help protect your business from costly fraud and chargebacks, and your customers will be impressed with more efficient service. To…