back office pos

Back Office POS: Connecting the Dots from Sales to Administration

Almost every retailer and restaurant owner knows how important it is to implement a front-end POS system. However, investing in a back office POS configuration is just as critical because such technology yields a wide variety of benefits, enabling operators to easily connect the dots from sales to administration. An additional computer equipped with a…

mobile pos improves customer experience

3 Ways Mobile POS Systems Enable Greater Customer Experiences

Mobile POS systems are the future of restaurant payment systems. Tablet-based systems are being widely adopted in counter-service restaurant segments, and they’re now coming into the casual, sit-down restaurant segments as well. They work well in the counter-service setting, freeing up precious counter space and offering the ability to swivel the system around for the…

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POS Product Line Expands

Fast Growing POS Manufacturer Expands Locations Fast Growing POS Manufacturer Expands Product Line Touch Dynamic Releases Quest Tablet 10” and Mobilink P20 Irvington, NJ- April 16, 2015 – Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of POS hardware, is proud to announce several new product additions to their catalog. These products include the 7” and 10” Quest…